Rakista (sisikat din)

I know it’s too late to talk about this show because it’s not aired on TV anymore. But since I’m promoting this for Youtubers, I’m so blogging about this fave ever “astig” series of mine:)

Rakista ( tv5 2008 )

It’s about the  on-and off-campus adventures of a newly formed rock band named The Love Team. It was aired on TV5 last 2008. I saw it first on TV but wasn’t able to get enough of it so I watched it again for so many times on YouTube, it kept me begging for season 2. The superb casting and the people behind it are amazing and plus the cool original music…it made me more proud to be a pinoy!

Bebe, Caloy, Ted (the manager) Sven, Nix

Lourd de Veyra’s narrations are must hear… (of course you can’t see Lourd’s face on the show)

lourd de veyra

Alchris Galura’s (Nix) ”yabang looks” is so convincing…

Alchris Galura

Rhea Nakpil (Bebe) represented well the EMO community in this country…

Rhea Nakpil

Wincy Ong’s (Sven) character is so LOL..

Wincy Ong

Denise Laurel’s (CC) charming character will make you realize that not all catty girls should be hated…

denise Laurel

and I just simply love Carlo Aquino (Caloy) 🙂

carlo aquino

I love how “torpe’‘ Caloy is…

2 thumbs up to Quark Henares and Diego Castillo. (each of them will have 1 thumb I guest.haha) And to all the people behind this amazing show. kudos!


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