“Akala mo lang wala nang slumbook, pero meron, meron, meron!”

Got this in the mail today. The famous “Akala mo lang wala nang slum book, pero meron, meron, meron!” NOTEBOOK/SLUMBOOK  Tanso Edition care of Witty Will Save The World. The most awesome and coolest slum book on earth.

I remember how popular this kind of thing was when I was in grade school. How silly and naive the questions were. Almost every girl in school had this in her schoolbag as if it was one of the requirements in school. I remember I also had my own share of such craze, but I accidentally toss my cute teddy bear designed slum book in the big trash bin at our school. Such a pity, I wasn’t able to get it back and lost it. But anyway, It is so good to reminisce those innocent years where happiness was just so simple and easy to attain. So with this newly revised cool and funny slum book all I can say is…   “Tara…balik tay0 sa pagkabata”. 🙂


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lost in space avoiding black holes and reaching for the stars, an alien whose life on earth is boring...
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