Love, Music and Advertising

Advertisements help in selling products, ideas and services. They give persuasive messages and promote products to identified potential consumers which were sometimes blind to the fact about the “results-may-vary” messages on product labels, most especially for instance in beauty ads, wherein one of the most beautiful women in tinseltown is the one personally using the product. Such harsh reality, right? hehe

Ads are needed by those companies who want their product to be the best-selling and number one among their competitors in the market, and we all know that the best way for these ads to be notice is through the media or television. That is why many commercials sprung on television, which is convenient for advertisers because they can reach out to huge number of consumers.

But one thing I noticed about TV commercials nowadays is that they have this artistic strategy in delivering their persuasive messages through short stories (like a plot for hopeless romantic movies), which made me think that advertising is really an art, a competitive art. But in that way, aren’t they entertaining? especially if the story is about Love ( true love, first love, lasting love..etc. ) combined with a memorable sentimental song. And I see that these commercials were really successful in getting the attention of the viewers/consumers. I think maybe because the elements of music and love are present in all people in all walks of life, those are the things that they can relate to and sing along.

This new Nestle commercial is one of the best examples of this unique advertising style. It’s one of  Nestle’s special commercials in celebration of their 100 years of making quality products for Filipinos. Perfect fit for their anniversary because it’s a story about true and lasting love that’ll continue through the years. The music is also one of Apo’s all time fave hits “Di Ko Malimutan”.

Nestle 100 years “Pag-ibig”

Another one which is also my all time fave is the  McDonald’s’ commercial wherein the music is of course from one of my fave bands Eraserheads’ Huling El Bimbo. The first time I saw this I was like wow! Astig and kilig… hehe.

First Love ( Huling El Bimbo)

This one is about love for family. First aired on 2003 but recently shown again on air for McDonald’s 3oth year anniversary. So meaningful I even got goosebumps and got teary-eyed when I saw this for the first time, hehe… maybe because of how touching the story is. The music made a big impact on it also because it’s Noel Cabangon’s epic hit song “Kanlungan”.

“Family Portrait” (Kanlungan)

Love is like language, it is universal and music gives meaning to those words that only lovers can speak…


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