Ah…My Childhood :D

Back in the late 90’s where internet was not that prevalent among people my age, I used to spend my day in the living room appreciating everything in that popular talking box. MTV, local TV shows, educational TV channels, etc. I was really into watching television back then, maybe it’s the effect of not being allowed by my mom to go out of the house that often. Well I also play outside of course, sometimes especially when my mom’s away. I have friends I can poke in real life during patintero, tumbang preso, chinese garter, slipper game and the like. Yes, I miss my childhood.

And so these videos that I found on YouTube made me miss that “batang-mababaw-ang- kaligayahan” in me. I miss watching these shows, I remember having a self-imposed restriction of going out of the house just to watch every episode.  These are just OBB’s of those shows and so I am desperately looking for their full episodes on YouTube and any sites on the web.

G-Mik OBB 1

G-Mik OBB 2

Pahina OBB

Some of the 90’s music that I grew up listening to with the boys that I used to swoon over and the reason why I used to watch MTV almost 24 hours everyday. 🙂

I really miss the 90’s.

“When I feel down, I change eras”


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2 Responses to Ah…My Childhood :D

  1. Denisse says:

    This entry totally brought me back to the best days of my life, my childhood in the Philippines… I miss the time when my teacher took the entire class to the library to watch Sineskwela and Mathtinik… I miss the time when I ran home fast from school just to get to see Doraemon and Fushigi Yuugi… I miss the old days! Miss you Pinky- SWear!

    • Gladys says:

      thanks much mi amigah!

      I used to watch those shows back then also.. wansapanataym, mojacko and oh my! Fushigi Yuugi taught me that cartoon characters also fall in love. We share the same interests,haha we’re really besprens haha IMY too..come back soon! 😀

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