Vintage Horror Films

Lately I’ve been watching some classic horror films that I found through random Google searches. These films have been prominently listed among several peoples’ all time favorite horror movies lists. As an avid horror movie fanatic, I realized these films are more exciting and fun to watch late at night all by yourself. It’s really worth the scare. I think classic horror films are more scarier than the ones made nowadays. It is because they are more focused on tales like spirits, haunted houses and  psychological thrillers which are more interesting unlike the bloody, incubus-like modern scary films that are just trying hard to give you the shock factor and screams but in fact they have lame plots and story lines. And also having them in classic black-and-white adds mystery and creepiness to the story.

The Innocents (1961) – British horror film based on the novella The Turn of The Screw by Henry James.

This is definitely my all time favorite Gothic horror film. The song O, Willow Waly is like a creepy lullaby.

The Haunting (1963) – British Horror film adapted by Nelson Gidding from the novel The House of the Hunting Hill by Shirley Jackson.

If you are interested in paranormal things, you will definitely enjoy the movie.

*Some old flicks that are not in black and white but are still badass in giving me chills.

The Amityville Horror (1979) – American horror film based on the 1977 novel by Jay Anson.

This is the first film in the Amityville Horror franchise and I think so far, nothing beats the original version.

The Changeling (1980) – Canadian horror film directed by Peter Medak and starring George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere.

The movie features a huge mansion. It’s such a beautiful big house where you can live comfortably but the fact that you are sharing it with someone that has been dead for over 70 years, isn’t it scary?

The Shining (1980) – psychological horror film produced by Stanley Kubrick, based on a novel of the same name by Stephen King.

The trailer is just as strange as the movie. But I really did enjoy it. It was so creepy how the background music would incorporate with the scary scenes plus the fact that it is based on one of my favorites authors (Stephen King) brilliant work is just amazing.


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