That Thing You Do (1996)

“In every life there comes a time when that thing you dream, becomes that thing you do.”

And why am I late-blogging this more-than-a-decade-old film? Simply because I was still that innocent 9-year-old girl back then (naks! innoccent..hehe) that I wasn’t able to appreciate the glory of this underrated film. I remember hearing the movie title song on the radio back in the 90’s but didn’t know there’s a movie behind the catchy song. So thanks to, last week I was able to hear the song again and read the description about the movie and yes BitTorrent was there to give me immediately what I wanted 😀

The movie is an entertaining, sweet and funny tale about a small town band that went from “garage to greatness” to their sudden demise. Clearly the one that you call a “flash-in-the-pan” ’60s band.

The things I learned after watching the film:

1. It’s nice to groove to the beat of catchy 60’s music, not to mention the sweet lyrics of the  ballads.

2. The lead singer in the band is not always the one who gets all the attention.

3.  Not all band members can have the equal share when it comes to harboring girls.

4. In the 60’s, you can easily tell a girl from a boy. Simply because girls usually wear skirts or pretty dresses with matching ribbons to style their hair.

5. Tom Hanks is the director and writer, he wrote some songs in the film too. It’s his debut feature.

6. Men in suits are hot especially when they are singing behind instruments.

7. If your band manager is as optimistic as Tom Hanks, he won’t sue you for breach of contract.

8. The Wonders is just a fictional band made for the movie. (how I wish they were real. hehe )

 I envy Liv Tyler’s job in this film. Being around touring together with the hottest and coolest band of your generation is like heaven.

A nice film by a nice guy who likes people. It’s no accident that the film is set in 1964 – the end of our long period of trust in America. It’s not even rebellious, in the mid-’60s sense of a rock movie like A HARD DAY’S NIGHT. It’s simply a tale of idealism, friendship, and the wonder of all that can happen when your talent gets noticed in America. What life story does that resemble? If you need car crashes, explosions, gun fights, explicit anything, or special effects, avoid this film. If you are looking for a film that sees the world through the tolerant and optimistic eyes of a man like Tom Hanks, then kick back and remember when you could leave your doors unlocked in America. – review

 Downloaded the soundtrack and these are my top 3 fave tunes.

This one is such a great love song. The lyrics are so beautiful, makes me wonder how it feels like to live in the 60’s with those beautiful music. ❤


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