36 Exchange Stories

excerpt from the movie Taipei Exchanges (2010)


Imagine a picture: the whole city is empty, no one’s there. One day, there’s a painter who wakes up in a hotel room high up on the 40th floor. He stands at the huge picture-window. He realizes that there’s no one down there.

If you’re God, just create any two people, then the story can begin.

He thinks of something. He takes some paper and draws a girl. He carefully cuts her out and lets her fly away. The girl wanders alone through the city. She drinks coffee alone. She surveys the scenery alone. The painter thinks she’s too lonely, so he draws a man too. Lets him fly away too.

But the paper man flies off in a different direction. He lands somewhere else, so he also drinks coffee alone and reads newspaper alone.


About Pinky

lost in space avoiding black holes and reaching for the stars, an alien whose life on earth is boring...
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