I recently got into watching the TV show FRIENDS and right now I am so obsessed.


This is by far the best show I have ever seen. I have been watching american T.V series since grade school, from The Secret World of Alex Mack to Saved by the Bell, and who could forget those creepy campers in Are You Afraid of the Dark?. I remember coming across this show while channel surfing, but of course the 11 year old me would just be interested in Disney Channel and Nick shows. So I guess now is just the appropriate time for me to get obsessed. I love how funny the characters are. It’s hard to choose who would be your favorite because each of them is funny in their own little ways.


I couldn’t stop laughing every time Chandler would give his trademark sarcasms and how disturbed he was as a child.


Joey’s love for food is beyond compare. He loves food more than girls and he’s not even sorry for that (good thing he is a chick magnet). The way he humbly admits that he’s disgusting is just so cute. I just simply love Joey.

431964_562194997145933_1052935821_nRoss’ character sometimes pisses me off. He is the kind of guy who argues a lot because of his principles. He sticks up for what he believes that sometimes his principles betray him and will later turn him into a joke. But I love Ross and how he loves his turkey sandwich.


Monica is one character I could relate to sometimes. I guess I have a few friends like her. She is such a freak when it comes to cleanliness, she wants everything organized, she is competitive, she hates to be wrong, she has to do everything her way and she wants everything to happen according to her plans. You don’t want to piss her off or else you’ll gonna wish you were dead-according to Chandler. 🙂


Rachel’s the one who started off the show with her runaway bride scene in the pilot episode. A spoiled brat who is forced to live in the big city without her parents’ credit cards. I love how she was able to cope up with the changes in her life and become independent. And by the way she and Ross were in a relationship but later went on a break, and in relationship and on a break. Yes, their relationship is quite complicated.


And last but not the least, my favorite of all I guess is hippie Phoebe. She is naive, innocent, childish, weird, vegetarian, she hates fur and she loves smelly cats. I like how she always gives her smart opinions to everything. She is definitely a street smart which I   like about her. She is not afraid to voice out her opinion even if it means pissing off Monica. Probably promiscuous at times but she has a very good heart. She is by the way a musician, she writes her own songs and she had never heard her singing voice until the release of the music video of her song “Smelly Cat”. Sometimes she just sounds frustrated. 😀



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