Daily Prompt: Tagline

Daily Prompt : Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

 “Remember her through full-blown technicolor”

Horrible at people,
often spends a weekend in the company of books, music and movies in a room devoid of furniture.
Her monotonous life made her a sleepaholic who always try to remember every single dream she had upon waking up.
Interested in Multiverse but failed to fully comprehend for her small brain couldn’t grasp its context.
Her subtle drama and despair of the postmodern life can be a subject of ridicule for some people.
She has the ability to lose herself in another world and slip into other people’s lives through her favorites books and movies.
She has unlimited daydreams of the perfect world she wanted to live in, which oftentimes give her disappointments and isolated her to the reality that must be faced. “Life is Beautiful” but on the contrary it isn’t.
People around think she is living in black and white. A boring and dull existence.
She enjoys being alone but she really wants to be remembered through full-blown technicolor.


About Pinky

lost in space avoiding black holes and reaching for the stars, an alien whose life on earth is boring...
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