I am putting off the Wedding

Yes! It may sound absurd
But the wedding
Nothing can stop this untamed heart
Even their collective gasp and furtive murmurings

Shush…You don’t have to think twice
Just say yes and take my hand
We’ll runaway and I’ll forever be your bride
Everything will be alright

Don’t get trapped in that futile uncertain feeling
There are limitless possibilities
We’ll go places we haven’t been
Escape this mundane and mediocre world we’ve been dwelling

And once we’re on that unfamiliar place
Our foreign hearts will swell like summer’s ocean
And on winter, we’ll keep them warm
Cause no season shall keep us apart

They may say we’re crazy
But deep in their false hearts
They’re dying with envy
Our love will be as epic as Romeo and Juliet’s

We’ll prove to them that love is not a lie
There’s more to it beyond our imagination
No pressures, No obligations
No regrets, just you and me, happy ever after it will be


About Pinky

lost in space avoiding black holes and reaching for the stars, an alien whose life on earth is boring...
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4 Responses to I am putting off the Wedding

  1. ifudontthinkdonttalk says:

    just tell me the time and place and i’ll meet you there!

  2. shellmaprain says:

    Imma support you but then I’m afraid my attention will be drawn by one of their guests…lol

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