Help! Polar Bears Need More Ice

Copyright : Steven Kazlowski/Science Faction/Corbis

Copyright : Steven Kazlowski/Science Faction/Corbis

Having read this article about the threatening situation of polar bears nowadays, I couldn’t help but be devastated knowing that these poor creatures are in grave danger. Due to global warming, the ice caps that these polar bears consider as their homes are already melting. This situation would mean lesser chance for their survival. They will have lesser areas to hunt for food and shelter. This would mean a higher possibility for these creatures to get extinct. And we don’t want them to suffer such fate, I mean they’re too cute to become extinct.

Melting of the ice in the Arctic and other parts of the world –at an alarming rate– doesn’t just have a devastating effect on the creatures that live there, it will also cause a devastating effect on our environment — the place that we live in.

The Arctic and the Antarctic act as our planet’s cooling system. This cooling effect, known as the ‘albedo effect’, diminishes when the extent of the Arctic sea ice goes down and the global heat balance is shifted. A warming Arctic could lead to more extreme summers and winters in the Northern hemisphere as it may affect the North Atlantic Oscillation by pushing the jet-stream further south and causing more precipitation.

Because changes to the planet’s cooling system has the potential to change many global systems from weather patterns and oceans streams to species distribution, a melting Arctic will affect not only the people of the Arctic but also the rest of the world population. 

–The Melting Arctic

To avoid such impending doom, we should do something about this environmental issue before it’s too late. By protecting the ice caps, we’re not just protecting the polar bears and other creatures that depend on them for survival, we’re also protecting ourselves and the future of our planet earth.

Save The Arctic – a Greenpeace campaign to save the Arctic, mainly by preventing oil drilling and industrial fishing in the area. The campaign aims on creating a global sanctuary around the North Pole, and ban offshore drilling and destructive industry in the Arctic.

Now each of us can do our share of protecting the Arctic and the rest of the world by signing the petition over at

You can Save The Arctic, the Polar Bears and the rest of the world. Go! 🙂


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