Friends On The Outside


Friends on the outside — I’m sure almost all of us have these kind of friends. Fair-weather friends who share every bit of happiness in an amicable way possible. Too scared to venture into deeper terms for that may ruin the calmness of the superficial world. They are very good friends on the outside but such a wreck on the inside. You can tell them your full name but you can never tell them who you are. Those unwavering doubts you have for each other and that envious feeling lurking inside the deep corner of your heart should never surface. That green-eyed monster must not escape, just let it sleep so things wouldn’t get wrecked. They should be friends on the outside, nothing more, otherwise things will not function as they’re programmed to be.

Sad, sad reality, that’s why we tend to stay away and create our own parallel universe and get lost in our own fantasies and realities.

Welcome to the infinite world of Multiverse created by the ever precious Millenials which will be exhibited in the future for the next generations to appreciate.

screen caps: Parade 2010; Isao Yukisada

About Pinky

lost in space avoiding black holes and reaching for the stars, an alien whose life on earth is boring...
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