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This is why I love the 90’s

I mean I can totally relate to the stuffs they’re talking about considering they are one of my favorite bands that I discovered during the 90’s. It’s so sweet of them to talk about that era. Since I am a … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Meiko – Boys with Girlfriends

My new fave independent musician discovered via Hanson. I swear that bear in the video is so creepy, the one that can give you nightmares. (jusko! sinong boyfriend ang hindi mangangaliwa kung ganito yung girlfriend niya..haha )

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Snow White in 3D (2012)

Since I am a fan of classic Disney fairytales and Snow White is indeed one of them, I got excited when I heard the news earlier this year that there will be a remake of the classic tale, not just … Continue reading

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That Thing You Do (1996)

“In every life there comes a time when that thing you dream, becomes that thing you do.” And why am I late-blogging this more-than-a-decade-old film? Simply because I was still that innocent 9-year-old girl back then (naks! innoccent..hehe) that I … Continue reading

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