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I recently got into watching the TV show FRIENDS and right now I am so obsessed. This is by far the best show I have ever seen. I have been watching american T.V series since grade school, from The Secret World … Continue reading

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Honey and Clover

I just finished watching Honey and Clover. Aside from having some good laughs (although some were corny) from the characters’ funny antics,  I also learned something from this drama. The story is about the lives of five college Arts students and their … Continue reading

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Ah…My Childhood :D

Back in the late 90’s where internet was not that prevalent among people my age, I used to spend my day in the living room appreciating everything in that popular talking box. MTV, local TV shows, educational TV channels, etc. … Continue reading

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Love, Music and Advertising

Advertisements help in selling products, ideas and services. They give persuasive messages and promote products to identified potential consumers which were sometimes blind to the fact about the “results-may-vary” messages on product labels, most especially for instance in beauty ads, … Continue reading

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Rakista (sisikat din)

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