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Song of The Day : We the Kings + Imagine Dragons – It’s Time to Run Juliet (Mash-up)

I heard this for the first time today on Tumblr and instantly became my favorite. I love how the mash-up went amazingly well. Songs: Imagine Dragons – It’s time                       … Continue reading

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Timid Heart

Confusion-shrouded                                                                               … Continue reading

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The Dummy

Your dull prose is nothing compared to my exquisite poetry You speak of sophistication with subtle vulgarity Your cunning smile could defile the pureness of the air around Please sort out your real prophecies from fabricated truths They will never … Continue reading

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Weekend Moviebuster : Taipei Exchanges (2010)

Taipei Exchanges (2010) Director: Ya-Chuan Hsiao Casts: Gwei Lun-Mei, Zaizai Lin What you are willing to give up for exchange to fulfill your dreams? After inheriting a building from her emigrating aunt, Doris (Gwei Lun-Mei) quit her job and decided to realize … Continue reading

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Help! Polar Bears Need More Ice

Having read this article about the threatening situation of polar bears nowadays, I couldn’t help but be devastated knowing that these poor creatures are in grave danger. Due to global warming, the ice caps that these polar bears consider as their homes … Continue reading

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My Favorite Thespian

In this edition of blog-randomly-for-you-have-a-lot-of-time-to-waste, I, Pinky will fangirl shamelessly. HAHA! Don’t worry, even though I fangirl once in a while, I’m absolutely not rabid and definitely not cliché. But right now I can see that look of judgement on … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt : L.O.V.E

Today’s daily prompt: Earworm I usually write about the things that I love here in my blog. My love for family and friends, movies, music, books and everything that could bring bits of happiness in my daily existence. This blog has … Continue reading

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